Best Batik Poncho Tops designs in Sri Lanka from Alponso Batiks. There are different types of batik poncho designs and most of the batik poncho designs are made by using the tie and dye method. Also you can have your custom order for the Batik Poncho with your favorite design. 100% quality material has been used by us there will not be any kind of color fading or any sort of problems.

Here are some details of the Batik Poncho designed by Alponso Batiks in Sri Lanka.   

Yellow color Batik Poncho design made using tie and dye method. We have used a spiral for this poncho design and it is voile fabric that we have used for this cloth.

Red color spiral art batik poncho with various colors on it. It is voile fabric that we have used in this poncho cloth. 

Pink color batik poncho with a circular design in dark blue color. The fabric used here is voile and this cloth is 100% made in Sri Lanka. You can get your custom made poncho cloth like this.

Orange and yellow color batik poncho with a spiral design on it. Voile fabric has been used in this cloth and this is totally made in Sri Lanka. Feel free to order your custom made batik cloth.

Orange color Batik Poncho design with dark blue color tiger stripes on it. The fabric used here is voile and this is a original product from Alponso Batiks in Sri Lanka.

Purple color Batik Poncho design with some random art on it. We have used different colors to decorate it and this is made on voile fabric. This is originally made at Alponso Batiks Factory and you can have your custom made batik cloth for your self.


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Alponso Batiks is a batik garment manufacturer located in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. We started in 2004 and along all these years Alponso Batiks has been a outstanding trade mark in the batik industry in Sri Lanka. 

We produce various kinds of batik garments for all men, women and children such as Shirts, Sarongs, Sarees, Frocks, Shorts, Kaftans, Blouses, Night Dresses, Housecoats, Kandian Sarees, Beach Dresses and also Batik Wall Hangings and Batik Handkerchiefs.

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